EMS Muscle Training

Gain explosive strength and build muscle with our couch led EMS Muscle Training.  This is a 20 minutes session, which through a series of zero-impact exercises while stimulating 300 muscles, you will challenge and activate every muscle in your body.

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EMS Cardio Training

Build unbelievable endurance in just a few weeks with 25 minutes of EMS Cardiovascular training.  Leave no muscle behind! Unlike conventional spinning classes or training which only focuses on your legs, GoGo EMS Cardio training gives you full-body cardio and help you to burn approximately1000 calories.

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Body Assessment

If you are not assessing, you are guessing!

Find out your body composition through our state of the art, medical grade segmental composition analyzer.  Go beyond your bathroom scale and find what your body is made of through the generated report after a 15-second scan. Know your basal metabolic rate, percentage body fat, amount of lean muscle, water and much more.

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