EMS Cardiovascular Training

EMS Cardiovascular training is a 25 minutes session aiming at burning the maximum amount of calories in the shortest period of time while sending low-frequency impulses to every muscle group without any break in between. This results in exhaustion and conditioning of muscles as quickly as possible which in turn, aside from burning approximately 1000 calories, you will gain a tremendous amount of endurance noticeable in the 3rd week of your training. So if you are a runner, you will be able to run about 30% more with ease, if you are swimmer you will be able to swim a lot farther than your past records. You will notice a big improvement in your performance in any repetitive sport you do.

EMS Cardio Training

One EMS Cardiovascular training per week along with 2 EMS Muscle training per week will elevate your fitness capability and performance above and beyond your imagination in the shortest period of time.  If you have cycling shoes, bring them with you.


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